At Edinburgh Kettlebell Club, we will program your workouts, instruct movements, offer nutritional suggestions.

We are fully committed to every single client, and we promise we will help you achieve your fitness goals. We guarantee you will lose weight and tone up plus you will get stronger and fitter than ever before!



On the day of your first kettlebell class:

  • We recommend regular workout clothes (shorts, t-shirts) as long as they allow a full range of movement. Try and bring some warm clothes to wrap up in after the session finishes.
  • Shoes: we recommend a training shoe with as little padding on the sole as possible, i.e., running shoes are not recommended! Tennis or soccer trainers, Converse All-Stars, etc.
  • If you are carrying an injury (current or previous) make sure that you make the coach aware of this before the session starts.
  • We recommend that you bring along a water bottle to drink from during the session.


  • Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids (ideally water) after the session
  • It is a good idea to eat relatively shortly after the workout. Make this a protein-rich meal to aid recovery
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • If this was one of your first few sessions, allow yourself a couple of days rest before your next session while your body recovers; try not to rush into more training if you are very sore
  • Let us know you how got on.¬†We love feedback!