New 32kg kettlebells!

New 32kg kettlebells have just arrived! They are so so heavy. If you want to tried them out came along to one of ours classes. And no worries, with have some smaller ones as well! 🙂

Clubbells Edinburgh

Coach Scott Sonnon presents The Clubbells, the world’s best club swinging tool for strength and conditioning,multi-dimensional training , fitness training, and athletic performance enhancement. Interested? Contact us and book in for FREE Clubbell introduction session.  

today’s class – 09/07/2012

  great class today! well done guys! As always we started with joint mobility drills, to prepare our joints, body and mind. Then we had cover some basics, swings and cleans. We also have  done some tabatas and we finished off with stretching. It is good to be back:) See you Read more…

Today’s class

Our challenge for today is to lift half ton in Long Cycle as the final part of preparation for next week’s One Ton Challenge. So this is last time to adjust your technique, flow and rhythm. The class starts at 8.05pm. For the warm up we will go through joint mobility drills, follow by Read more…

Mastering the rack position.

Today’s class was focused on rack position. The Rack position plays big part of kettlebell lifting. It is starting position for all Presses, Push Presses, Jerks and Long Cycle. Mastering the rack will give you a solid start in your GS training.  The rack is an essential position as it allows you Read more…

Have a dream!

“You have to have a dream, something you want to accomplish. And then you have to work at it very, very hard. Mainly, you have to have willpower, which outlasts many years of hard work and disappointments.” Alex Tarics, 98, the world’s oldest Olympic gold medalist.